Company Background


At Vidamai we source only the finest materials for our fabrics and hand make every garment right here in Bali—our unique connection with this island!  Our craftsmen know the importance of functionality and comfort when it comes to Yoga.  Yet, while our mission is to develop a product unique for Yogis, we wish to include a variety of activities from hiking, rock climbing, cycling or even just hanging out all day.  Our styles incorporate the love for nature as well as the passion for Yoga.  


We incorporate the ever charismatic Turtle in our logo, both to convey our love and support for environmental causes, as well as a symbol of longevity.  The turtle has a variety of symbolic meanings to many cultures; linking the divine and heavenly with Mother Earth and humanity.  Many of the characteristics attributed to the turtle align with what we learn in yoga.  The World Turtle in creation mythology carries the Earth on its back and is thought to have created the universe from its body, just as we carry the Divine Light within us.  Its shell is a symbol of strength, endurance, patience, and tranquility—all the things we wish to better ourselves through our practice in yoga and meditation.

Sharing with others the vision of Vidamai has been one of the most promising experiences so far, bringing many people together from all walks of life, with a similar love for yoga, health, and fitness. Without the support and help of our friends, Tortugi Vida would not be here today!  So we are eternally grateful for everyone who has believed in this vision and in helping make what was once a dream become reality. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about Vidamai and we hope you find something that you, your friends, and your family would all enjoy wearing!